Greaves 3D Engineering are the market leader in the design and manufacture of motorsport fuel rigs and also produce high specification fuel bowsers for the endurance motorsport market. The Endurance Fuel Rig is customisable and features an adjustable carbon fibre 360° rotary boom, with an integrated fuel weighing system. Greaves 3D has developed and integrated a unique refuelling system. It is specifically designed to improve performance and reduce pit stop times.

The key features of the Endurance Fuel Rig include:
  • Secure storage with maximum packing density and weight saving with air freight in mind
  • Totally self-contained, including wheel guns, hoses and fuel tank
  • Reduced set up/ down time
  • Aluminium autonomous fuel tank with a fully adjustable fuel tank height compliant with the latest FIA regulations
  • Space for 4 x 50L air bottles with remote regulator mounting
  • Fully adjustable levelling system
  • Integrated high flow air system
  • Optional lighting system with custom solutions available
  • 2 metre square floor plan
  • Lightweight GRP moulded outer shell

The Fuel Transfer Bowser features:
  • 100L capacity
  • 30L per minute bi-directional ATEX approved pump
  • An automatic full tank pump shut off
  • Dash 12 Staubli connectors
  • Push to pump safety function
  • Integrated fuel temperature and mass to calculate accurate fuel values
  • Dash 6 adaptors to fill and drain directly from the car
  • Both the fuel rig and the fuel bowser have been designed to ensure that they continue to be long lasting and reliable in compliance with FIA and ACO regulations.