• Thermal insulated cover
  • 2 vertical tyre trollies
  • Note: does not include heater

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Greaves 3D offer a range of tyre heaters.

The vertical tyre oven utilises trolleys that are wheeled into the oven. Hot air is fed up through the centre of the rims ensuring both rim and tyre are heated evenly.

  • Ventilation flaps on the side of the cover
  • Temperature measurement access central zip
  • Hot air comes up through the rim to heat rim and tyre evenly
  • Individual compartments to avoid loss of heat
  • Direct and indirect space heaters available

Vertical Tyre Trolley

  • 2 vertical tyre trollies included
  • Stainless steel tyre trolleys.
  • Various positions to allow transport of rims as well as fitted tyres
  • Custom length poles & flat packs for transport
  • Optional company logo
  • Lightweight carbon options available

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