The new driver simulation rig from Greaves 3D Engineering is suitable for all ranges of driver from karting to Formula 1. It is the most adjustable of simulators that allows the user to fine tune the driving positions to replicate the desired car. There are no need for tools to adjust the positions. The base of the rig houses all the electronics and a bespoke gaming PC. The high end computer system comes with a 2080 Ti Graphics card and is fully compatible with iRacing, RFactor 2, Assetto Corsa etc. The rig comes with castor wheels combined with levelling feet to allow for easy movement and once in position a stable and level platform can be achieved. In addition to all the other features there is a keyboard tray and mounting points for handbrakes and H-pattern shifters.

Features include:
  • A complete turnkey solution
  • Direct drive steering system and multifunctional sim racing wheel, as used by the professionals
  • Sim racing pedals from HPP Simulation, with a purpose designed hydraulic brake pedal to give the true feeling of race car brakes
  • Ultrawide field of view with 3 x 32” gaming monitors
  • Adjustable seat angle, pedal, steering, and monitor positions. The user can easily change between Karting, GT, Rally, LMP and F1 driving positions
Accessories and Options:


  • Various H-pattern and sequential shifter options available
  • Handbrake options available


  • Various steering wheel options available for - GT , Formula, F1, Rally etc
  • F1 / LMP style wheels with integrated hand clutches and displays


  • Multimedia Keyboard
  • Wireless headphone

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