Engineering Station

Greaves 3D offer the most comprehensive and compact workstation. The engineering stations have been designed to be customisable to the users’ needs. The nature of the design allows the user to integrate their IT requirement. Once the internal network infrastructure is installed the unit offers minimal setup time.

  • Purpose built with 19” racking in all 3 bays, laptop storage in the drawers, slide out desk top with various monitor layouts
  • The standard design allows for 6 27” screens
  • The 19” racking facilitates integration of servers, intercoms, radio repeaters, camera systems and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Various combinations of drawers and shelves provide locations for printers and ample storage for all necessary accessories
  • Fully wired for plug and go, to ensure minimal set up time
  • Slide out desktop
  • Power distribution behind monitors
  • Adjustable monitor angle
  • 180° folding mounts allowing monitors to be stored for transport
  • Hard Shell cover for transport
  • Easy connections power, TV and network inlets
  • Docking station facility and cable management, keeping cables off the desk
  • Power, USB, HDMI & RJ45 in the drawer
  • Integrated cooling fans
  • 19” 10U Racking in all 3 bays RCD power management. Cable management throughout
  • 19” 1RU Intercom panels compatible with MRTC and other providers
  • Upper document storage with 240v, RJ45-Cat6, HDMI and USB connections
  • Neutrik Couplers, HDMI, USB, RJ45-CAT 6 & 240V power connectors
  • Additional storage in end panels

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