Professional Tyre Scraper

Our tyre scrapers have been designed and tested by tyre technicians. With a moulded handle for user comfort, the integrated heat gun has variable temperature and fan speed.

  • Avoid damaging tyre compound by using unsuitable tools and or excessive temperature
  • Ergonomically designed to increase productivity
  • Adjustable handle and blade position to suit the user
  • 2000W output – 100 - 600°C temperature range
  • 300-600L - min / maximum airflow
  • Assists in a better posture for user
  • Removes pick up and debris with ease leaving a smooth undamaged surface
  • Ensures an even removal of pick up and debris
  • Encourages less lifting of heavy tyres whilst scraping due to the foot pedal controlled rollers
  • Tyre scraper station enhances the evenness and safety of the tyre scraping process

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