Sprint Rig 2019

As with the majority of our equipment, the Sprint Rig comes fully assembled and ready to use. Key features of the Sprint Rig include: (* = Optional extras)

  • Our compact 2 cylinder sprint rig has been designed to take both 50 and 30 Litre Air Cylinders
  • We have included our standard 4” Boom mounting kit which is compatible with the Greaves 3D Carbon Boom range
  • We have used a stainless steel frame with castors for transport and levelling legs for easy levelling in all pit lanes
  • Also included in the compact rig are 2x Wheel Gun Holders
  • There is a water tank to add additional weight for balancing the rig when its is in use
  • Central recharging air system *
  • Super High Flow Regulators *
  • Hard Shell Flight Case Cover *

Download Issue 4 of our product brochure

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