Greaves 3D Engineering has partnered with DRD International for the 24 Hours of Spa to offer teams a fully comprehensive on-site service. From Paoli servicing, to Racing Optics windscreen tear-offs, we have every teams needs covered. Greaves 3D Engineering and DRD InternationalSpace 4. Located in the Yellow Zone of the Support Paddock

G3D Services Include:
  • Paoli Wheel Gun Inspections and Servicing
  • Fuel Rig and Fuel Bowser Servicing
  • Airlines and Airline Fittings
  • Regulators and Fittings
  • On-site Fabrication
  • Fuel Hose
  • Camloc's and Adaptors
  • Restrictors
  • Equipment Hire

DRD Services Include:
  • On-site Graphics
  • Paint Protection Film
  • Racing Optics Windscreen Tear-offs
  • External Gantry and Light Hire
  • Fascia Gantry Hire
  • Truck Fascias (Various)